Since 1991 Out of Order are “indestructable”. Against all trends, we only follow one doctrine: METAL! We don´t give a damn in what drawer you wanna squeeze us in. The only thing that matters is: IT ROCKS


17. Sep. 2021 - WGM Festival Winnenden


November 25, 2020: Thank you Thomas and Sven.

Wir bedauern Euch mitteilen zu müssen dass Thomas und Sven die Band verlassen haben. Nachdem beide mehr als 10 Jahre mit uns gerockt haben ist das nicht leicht zu verdauen und hinterlässt eine große Lücke die man nun versuchen muss schnellstens wieder zu schließen. Wir möchten uns auf diesem Weg für eine coole Zeit mit Sven und Thomas bedanken, schauen aber dennoch gleichzeitig positiv in die Zukunft. Auch nach fast 30 Jahren sind wir noch nicht satt und werden auf alle Fälle mit Vollgas weiter machen!

We regret to inform you, that Thomas and Sven have left the band. After them rocking with us for more than 10 years, this loss is not easy to compensate and leaves a big gap that we have to close soonest. Today we want to thank Sven and Thomas for the great time we had, but at the same, looking positively into the future. Even after almost 30 years we are not yet done and hungry for more! We will kick the pedal to the metal! You´ll hear from us Folks…….

Stay safe!!!

January 21, 2020: HERE IT IS our First official Music Video“Self Deception“ on YouTube!

December 20, 2019: check out our Lyric Video „The Sniper“ on YouTube!

December 15, 2019: unfortunately the Gig on 27th of December in the Live Music Hall in Mörlenbach got cancelled. We will have to move this to a later Date.

Decemeber 14, 2019: Videoshoot for Self-Deception completed, Stay Tuned. Great Stuff to come.

June 19, 2019:
check out our Lyric Video „Guilty“ on YouTube!

June 14, 2019:
„Facing the Ruin“ has been released on BlackSunset/MDD Records today. Get your copy NOW!
It`s available in all relevant Metal Stores as physical version or as download on various digital platforms!
Or get your personal signed copy directly from us by using the contact form.

April 04, 2019:
The Mix for our upcoming Album „Facing the Ruin“ has been finalized. Minor tweaks to the Booklet will be done
and then we are ready to ROCK!
Look forward for our Release on Black Sunset / MDD Records by June 2019.